Bazarbek Yerbau

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Bazarbek Yerbau

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Azat Erkin (pseudonym) Relation to victim

Friend About the victim

Name: Bazarbek Yerbau

Position: Zaysan Project Unit Manager in CNLC Kazakhstan Gender: Male

Date and place of birth: June 19 1983, Altai (Aletai), China

Green card serial number: 026397602

Green card ID: 830619399067

Academic credentials: In 2007, obtained a bachelor’s degree from Xinjiang University, College of Information Science and Engineering, all tuition fees were covered by scholarships.

Languages: Kazakh (native), English (fluent), Chinese (fluent), Russian (conversational)

Work résumé:

In 2007, representatives of CNLC arrived in Xinjiang University’s Job Expo and hired 20 students of Kazakh nationality, who were sent to Beijing, and then to a training school in Korla for a month and two weeks. Later, they would be sent to a PK oilfield in Kazakhstan’s Kyzylorda region, where they were trained for the profession of well-logging engineer. Already in the first year, Bazarbek’s intellectual ability and prowess in managing cooperative tasks earned him his superior’s approval, and he was promoted to senior engineer on his second year, and to Zaysan Project Unit Manager on his third. Since then, he had held his position for 9 years, which makes for a total of 11 years of work experience in CNLC.

Individual traits: Energetic at work, has a strong sense of responsibility, values unity among co-workers and is respected among them. Has had absolutely no business with extremist, separatist or terrorist ideas, has not participated in politics or religious activities, and has never revealed state secrets from either country.

Family situation: Father has long passed away, and the health conditions of Bazarbek’s mother, wife and daughter are not the best. His only daughter suffers from both epilepsy and leukaemia. Last contacted during his visit back to China to manage treatment for his daughter; when his passport expired, the Altai prefecture government refused to renew it, forcing Bazarbek to stay in Altai.

Relations with the company: Since the expiration of the old passport and the refusal to issue a new one, Bazarbek was unable to leave China. Since efforts to contact him have failed, his contract was terminated in accordance with the Labour Law of Republic of Kazakhstan. Victim's location

Unknown, possibly at a concentration camp located in Altai prefecture. When victim was detained

Unknown. Reason given for detention

Unknown. Victim's status

Unknown. How did you learn about victim's status?

Through a friend Additional information

Regarding the Xinjiang Kazakh engineers being detained in an educational camp in China.

Greetings to all the marketing managers in all operational units! Our operational unit, which holds responsibility for all of its employees, on June 11-12 entrusted Manager Chao to travel to Xinjiang’s Altai prefecture, Jeminai County (Jimunaixian), where he contacted with the heads of both city and county governments and found out more about matters concerning the detention of Murat and Moral by the county police. Chao provided objective documentation about the two workers' performance in the operational unit, which was accepted. However, he still could not secure the release of the workers. Usually, the first level county police have to start a multi-level reporting process by informing the city office first, and it would take time until the matter would finally reach the Xinjiang Autonomous Region government, which would confirm that the two workers pose no threat, and only then they would be released. Therefore, the matter is quite clear, as the decision making power rests with authorities in Xinjiang’s government, perhaps even with individuals on a national government level. Investigative bodies in higher government levels hold access to information, while the low-level units just carry out their policies. Our operational unit has done its best in providing documentation but is unable to act further, which leaves the following means available (if the local government requests them). Besides Murat and Moral, there is Bazarbek, Toleu, Toqtarghazy and 3 others with whom we have lost contact a long time ago, concrete reasons unknown. Given the current standings, our operational unit has analysed the situation carefully and decided to act as follows:

1. Increase awareness of such matters and follow the guidelines from all governmental levels concerning the workers’ management by refusing to act in ways contradictory to national policies.

2. Regarding those workers who are unable to return to their duty for a long time, we will increase efforts to act in accordance with Kazakhstan’s Labor Law by annulling their labour contracts (2 people have been relieved in such a way in the past month);

3. Prepare all operational marketing units to react to the company’s labour demand by organizing hiring processes for vacant positions.

4. As for the Kazakh engineers who are yet to be naturalized, we ask workers from all operational units to exercise caution and to act carefully on social media. They are advised not to publicly express any views which run contrary to national policies and not to participate in any activities which violate these policies, so as to prevent similar matters from occurring when returning to China.

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