Melike Memet

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Melike Memet

Testifying party

Mirza Imran Baig, 35, trader between Lahore and Urumqi. [Submitted by a third party.]

Relation to victim

The victim is Mirza's wife.

About the victim

Melike Memet, 33, from Bachu county. Uyghur, married to Mirza, couple have a 4-year-old daughter.

Victim's location

In the Bachu (Maralbeshi) area.

When victim was detained

In May 2017 for 2 months of re-education camp. On hometown arrest since.

Reason given for detention

Not given.

Victim's status

Hometown arrest together with 4-year-old daughter.

How did you learn about victim's status?

Not specified. It is clear that Mirza is able to travel to China, however.

Additional information

This information comes from the Reuters and AP News stories:

[the Reuters]

[AP News]

[Xinjiang Victims Database]