Mukan Mural

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Mukan Mural

See original Testifying party

Azat Erkin (pseudonym) Relation to victim

Friend About the victim

Mid-level well-logging engineer at Aktau district of CNLC in Kazakhstan.

Name: Mulale Muhan, Mukan Mural

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: May, 4 1988

Place of Birth: Jéminey County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang

Green Card Serial Number: 026384279

Green Card ID Number: 880405399082

Passport Number: E00162972

Education: B.S. [assumed], Xi’an Petroleum University

Languages: Kazakh (native), Chinese (fluent), Russian (fluent), English (elementary)

Work History: 2013: Hired as a well-logger at CNLC, where he worked for five years; worked in Aktau (NB) and Akchubin (Zanano) oil fields. In the shortest time possible, he took an independent post, which brought the company huge profits.

Personality: Diligent worker, amicable with colleagues, kind, an engineer with a sense of responsibility. He has never participated in extremism, separatism, or terrorism nor did he engage in politics or religious activities. In fact, he protected state secrets for two countries.

Family Situation: He is the brother of Mulat (Mulati) [see testimony #8]. Their parents suffer from several illnesses. Married in 2016 and currently lives with his wife and several month-old daughter. Last contact with him was on December 25, 2017, at a New Year’s Gala organized by CNLC in Almaytay. After the event, he traveled to China on personal business.

Relationship with Employer: Presently, [CNLC] has not terminated his contract, but considering the uncertainty, the contact may be terminated automatically. Victim's location

Unknown, but possibly either near Jéminey or Altay. When victim was detained

March 25, 2018 9:00 PM Reason given for detention

His mobile phone contained Whatsapp, Instagram, and other software Victim's status

Most recent update: Transferred to prison from a concentration camp; crime was using an illegal double-entry visa (but, the green card does not need a visa, and the illegal visa was never established [by authorities], I suspect the authorities are using this accusation as an excuse). He is in a prison, but uncertain which one. There have been no other updates. How did you learn about victim's status?

From a friend Additional information

CNLC Technology Service Co., Ltd [may not be the company’s official English name]

Kazakhstan Worksite Well-exploration Party Work Committee

Proof of Employment:

Mulale, Muhan.


Born April 5, 1988.

Identification Number: 65432619880405003X.

Passport Number: E00162972.

Muhan works for our company in Kazakhstan as project personnel. He has been employed at our company since October 2013. He has served as a well-exploration engineer at the oilfields in Zhanarol and Aktau. Food and lodging are arranged by the company at the oilfields, where a quasi-military management system is implemented. He is unable to leave the worksite during leisure time. The work site is a first-line oilfield.

Other job descriptions: According to Party A’s work requirements, the team will carry out well-logging, perforation, and other technical work as well as perform routine equipment maintenance as needed by the company.

Primary work experience since joining the company: 1. 2013: Joined the company in January and sent overseas and to Kazakhstan for work. Previously, held an internship and learned technical skills at Aktau NB base. 2. 2014-2015: Worked briefly at Zhanarol to fill personnel shortages. 3. 2015-present: Worked at Aktau NB. During this period, he participated in several training programs organized by the company. Meanwhile, he helped the company establish production and profit. As such, he has already become an important technician with the program’s first-line production.

Well-logging technicians are always on the move (车轮上). Traveling to and from the oilfield base to the frontline wells can take 4-10 hours and each shift lasts between 4 and 8 hours. According to Party A’s on-call requirements, there is no difference between day and night or summer and winter. Conditions on the frontline can be grueling, therefore frontline engineers work in shifts. Generally, every two months, the company purchases round-trip flights to Ürümchi. Trips between the oilfield base and airport are facilitated by a company car. Several trips are made each year. When the company faces a shortage of temporary workers, it can result in longer shifts. As for daily communication, the company provides local phone cards; however because [Kazakhstan] does not use WeChat, QQ, etc., workers will occasionally use Whatsapp and similar communication software for communication. During his employment, Mulale Muhan strictly observed the company’s rules and regulations, worked hard, established comradery, and exhibited excellence in every [work] aspect. We hereby declare these statements are true to the best of our knowledge.


CNLC Technology Service Co., Ltd

Kazakhstan Worksite Well-exploration Party Work Committee

July 11, 2018

Supplementary materials

[Xinjiang Victims Database]