Rizaykyzy Bagila

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Rizaykyzy Bagila

Testifying party

Rizay Bokey DOB: October 1, 1972 Kazakhstan citizen [submitted by a third party]

Relation to victim

The victim is my sister.

About the victim

Rizaykyzy Bagila Born in March 1971 Citizen of China Resident of Burshin District, Altay Region, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region(XUAR), China

Victim's location

In a political re-education camp (unclear where - but probably either in Urumqi or in Altay).

When victim was detained

March 8, 2018.

Reason given for detention

For purchasing me a SIM card under her name when I visited her in China. [likely because of my online activities while using that SIM card]

Victim's status

In a political re-education camp. She has health problems, requiring regular medicine and shots.

How did you learn about victim's status?

[not specified]

Additional information

My sister also has a son, without anyone to take care of him.

Supplementary materials

[Letter of complaint to UN]


[Xinjiang Victims Database]