Sajida Tursun

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Sajida Tursun

Testifying party


Relation to victim


About the victim

She was a talented, hardworking scholar who was arrested at an airport in XJ after a return trip home to family. She’d spent several years completing her PhD abroad and had funding for another year while she looked for postdocs. Her family were not elite, but she had received a privileged education in China and was a Communist Party member.

Victim's location

An important town in southwestern Xinjiang

When victim was detained

Prior to the 19th party congress

Reason given for detention


Victim's status

She was jailed after her arrest before being sent to a camp from which she was eventually released, but she cannot leave her city, even for other areas of China. A Chinese institution in another province invited her to a job interview for ex but the local authorities didn’t allow her to go .

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[Xinjiang Victims Database]