Zhanarkhan Bakbay

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Zhanarkhan Bakbay

Testifying party

Nurbolat Tursynjan. Born April 10, 1986. From Zhaosu County of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. Came to Kazakhstan from China and got Kazakhstan citizenship. Moved in December 2016. Family lives in China. [Submitted by third party.]

Relation to victim


About the victim

Name is Zhanarkhan Bakbay. Born on September 10, 1958, her Chinese ID number is 654126195809103028. Her address in China is Akayaz Housing Estate 46 in Karasu Village in Zhaosu County of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture.

Went to People's Republic of China on a business trip to collect documents for obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan. Chinese local police seized her documents and took her to "political study center." Her passport is expired. The village's police station refused to give her a new passport. Nurbolat Tursynjan sent one invitation letter through the foreign affairs minister of Kazakhstan and through the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan. His mother presented this letter to local officials and they refused to give back her confiscated passport.

Victim's location


When victim was detained

March 2017

Reason given for detention


Victim's status


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Supplementary materials

[Xinjiang Victims Database]